Will Steph Curry’s Injury Hurt Under Armour?

One of the best retail stocks, in terms of Google Trends growth, is Under Armour. It is amazing to think Under Armour has Cam Newton, Jordan Spieth and Steph Curry – the big three in their respective sports. After winning the MVP and NBA Finals last year, Steph Curry has been on a tear in 2016. In fact, he hit 400 three pointers which is over 100 more than any other player has hit in a single NBA season. Unfortunately, in the first round of the playoffs, Steph Curry was injured.

With Under Armour not having a huge presence in basketball, they need their “stars” to stay healthy. While the major networks are sure to show Steph Curry on the Warriors bench they will not likely be showing him in his basketball apparel which includes all Under Armour gear.

Fortunately, for both Steph Curry and Under Armour, it does not look as if this injury is going to keep him out the entire playoffs. In fact, it looks like he will be out just a few more games. When more people start to watch the playoffs in the conference championship and NBA Finals round Steph Curry is sure to be back unless the injury lingers or he suffers another injury.

When all is said and done, this might be great for Under Armour as his return will be a great marketing tool. I can already see a Steph Curry returns Under Armour commercial in the next few weeks.

For those interested, Under Armour is one of the top 4 retail stocks when using Google Trends. Get it now while it is below its 50 day moving average. We are sure to see a big bounce in the next few weeks.

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