Under Armour (UA) Stock

This resource will highlight the reasons the Under Armour (UA) stock is up or down on a specific day. On days in which there is little movement or no major news, there will be no updates.

September 21st, 2016 – $39.61 – Up 2.59% – Under Armour has been around the $38 to $39 price point for almost the entire month of September. Today, the Fed decided to not raise rates which pushed the entire market higher. Let’s see if Under Armour can gain some footing at this point. If it can break through its 50 and 200 DMA we could see a move toward $50 a share.

September 7th, 2016 – $39.92 – Up 2.54% – There has been tons of news about Stephen Curry going to Taiwan with Under Armour to expand the brand in Asia. CNBC has also mentioned the bottom being put in with a number of options pointing towards Under Armour going higher. The stock is still below the 50 and 200 day moving averages, but it is a higher low from the last bottom around $37 a share.

September 2nd, 2016 – $38.56 – Down 2.99% – Today we learned that CEO and Creator Kevin Plank sold 2.07 million shares. Any time an insider, especially the CEO, sells this many shares, it spooks investors. This pushes the stock even further below the 50 and 200 day moving averages to under $39 a share.

August 31st, 2016 Р$39.63 РDown 4.64% РJust when we thought UA was going to bounce off its 200 day moving average it was downgraded by Argus analyst John Staszak. A high volume plummet through the 50 and 200 day moving averages is a cause for concern for investors. Every time this stock gets some legs something else pulls it back below its moving averages.

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